Ruka Playground

Ruka Playground

Park riders' own playground – the kind you have never experienced before. Opens in Ruka Ski Resort on 9th of April 2021.

Ruka Playground

As winter turns into spring, Ruka ski resort becomes a playground for park riders, where fun park obstacles and creative lines can be found just about anywhere on the ski area. A bit like the Wappulounas event arenas, but not just for one event, but from the beginning of April to the end of the season. Ruka Playground consists of five unique areas - a park take over you've never seen before, anywhere!  What? Ruka Playground spreads park areas, fun racing tracks, creative lines and spring's best side hits around the ski resort.  When? From April 9th to beginning of May. Ruka Playgrounds is available for everyone every day. Ruka Playground areas and obstackles will be regularly shaped from the beginning of April to the beginning of May to allow skiers and riders to enjoy well-maintained spots throughout the spring.


Where? Ruka Playground is divided into five different areas. Ruka Park and Rosa Park are well-known snow parks that can already be found in Ruka, and the obstacles are kept in the best shape until the end of the season. In addition, three new Ruka Playground areas will open in 9th of April.


Located in the Saarua ski area, Ruka Park (slopes 14 and 15) is the most versatile snow park area in Finland with two slopes full of kickers, rails, press boxes and other park obstacles for all levels of snowboarders and freeskiers. Ruka Park also houses the only full-size Landing bag in the Nordic countries.


Rosa Park is located in front of the Ski Bistro (Bistro Slope 21) and is the best place to start park riding. Small kickers and easy press boxes are perfect for practicing your first jumps and tricks.


Darkside Dirt Run is built next to Vuosseli’s Superpipe (slope 25). There's a dirt track full of feisty little kickers and a snow bowl. The area is known as "Darkside" by locals because of the lack of lighting on the slope. But that will not be a problem when the spring sun shines!


Sunnyside Slalom is every skier's candy store built on Kelo Steep (slope 9) and Freestyle Jump area - this is the place where the spring sun shines best in the afternoon and evening. Here’s what you can find from this area: Banked slalom track, side hits and other fun shapes made of snow. Ride into the sunset with speed and style!


Hush-hush! We will also build some special Secret Spots around the ski resort - we're not going to tell you the exact locations, finders keepers! We might also build some new ones during the spring, so keep your eyes out for some surprises.

To whom? Obstacles are designed so that they are suitable for the full send as well as mellow cruising and practicing your tricks. If you like to ride park or other fun features made of snow, Ruka Playground is for you.

+ Bonus: BagJump Landing bag at Ruka Park is open every Saturday. You can choose between one slot (10 am - 12 pm or 3 pm - 5 pm) for 30 € or both slots for 45 €. Please note that you will also need a valid lift pass. You can book your place for the public training slots here. Please read the terms and conditions of the landing bag carefully.

See Ruka Playground locations on the slope map:

Ruka Playground map

Ruka Park

The most versatile snow park in Finland is open for more than 200 days a year.

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