Village-2-Valley scenic gondola opens Nov 16th
The coordinates of snow and nature

Village-2-Valley scenic gondola opens Nov 16th

Experience Ruka from a new viewpoint

New Village-2-Valley scenic gondola and Village Express chairlift take you to top of Ruka all year round. Take a test run with a unique scenic gondola beyond the fell and see Ruka from a completely new perspective.

See the video below about the improvements in Ruka Ski Resort during summer and autumn 2018.

Village-2-Valley gondola and Village Express chairlift can also be used by pedestrians and cyclists. Buy tickets conveniently from the online store, you can get a ticket directly to your mobile device. Regular ski passes also entitle to the use of Village-2-Valley scenic gondola.

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Ruka for pedestrians and snowshoeing tours to Valtavaara nature reserve

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Village-2-Valley scenic gondola - video

Produced by: Kota Collective Director: Teemu Lahtinen Filming: Matti Ollila & Teemu Lahtinen Edited by: Teemu Lahtinen Client: Rukakeskus Ltd. / Ruka Ski Resort