Sled racers on Ruka slopes
The coordinates of snow and nature

Sled racers on Ruka slopes

With the new gondola and other new lifts Ruka is creating a lot of new experiences for pedestrians too.

One of the new adventures is the possibility to run down Ruka slopes with snow racers from Monday 14.1. onwards. 

– New lifts have opened up new opportunities for developing different activities without using skiing or snowboarding gear. The first novelty answers to our guests' enthusiasm on snow racersm allowing them on Saarua slopes number 16 and 18 and Kuru slope number 5, says development manager Otto Lintunen from Ruka Ski Resort Slope Department.

Slopes will be groomed after the day to make a smooth run for snow racers from 19.30 until 21.00. Village-2-Valley scenery gondola will take you up to the top of Saarua hill from Ruka village as well as from Ruka valley. 

– We had the last test runs on Thursday with kids and adults and everyone loved it. Snow racers are good fun for families and give a great opportunity for a bit of playful competition for a group of friends, Lintunen continues. 

Pedestrians have been taken into consideration also in the development of the daytrip trails of Ruka area and the creation of ice and light art along the trails. 

The lit Ice Sculpture Trail near Ruka Ski Jump tower has been a great hit during the Christmas time. Also the new Valtavaara snow shoeing trails have been attracting people. Now we are concentrating on developing the top of Ruka hill area since the new super fast Village Express enables the access for pedestrians year round, Lintunen plans. 

January is full of events at Ruka: Polar Night Light Festival is taking place on 18.1.-2.2. and the first ever Nordic crime fiction festival Nordic Noir on 18.-20.1. Laid-back ice hockey tournament will gather up ice hockey players in Ruka village on 25.-27.1. while snowboarders and freestyle skiers are competing in Finnish tour on Fabulous Ruka in Ruka Park. 

Take a look at all events:

Sled racers on Ruka slopes from Saturday to Thursday during 19:30-20:00 on 14.1.–22.4.2019. 

Tobogganing in Ruka-Kuusamo:

Text: Ruka Ski Resort Photos: Ronja Rajala and Veera Vihervaara